Beginner's Guidance 101: SEO Keywords-What They Are, And Why Are They Important?

When it comes to the search engine, keyword and ranking are the two sides of the same coin; you cannot have one without the other one. Now, I bet those who claim that SEO keywords are long dead like email marketing haven't achieved any ranking this far. As far as I have learned, keywords are essential to gain visibility on search engine platforms like; Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

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Business Marketing Lessons You Can Take from The Current Medical Crisis?

Covid-19 has been the biggest crisis humanity has faced in recent years. The governments are at their toes, economies are going down, and the consumers are shying away more than ever. In this unfortunate period of social distancing and lockdowns, the only hope left is online markets.

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Is Pandemic Crisis Opening New Doors of Opportunities for Your Business?

On the very first look, it appears the coronavirus has darkened our lives. Across the world, people are getting infected and dying, schools, colleges are closed, the healthcare system is overloaded, the economy is suffering from the worst phase ever, companies just firing their employees because of no income, most of the business-facing bankruptcy, stock markets are collapsed, and countries are spending billions on saving the people.

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