Terms of Services

Sugarbrown aims to deal with clients' in a professional manner to provide sheer satisfaction over the projects. By engaging with our company, clients are instructed to follow the mentioned terms and conditions.

The Contract

  • An independent contractor relationship will be formed between the Sugar Brown and client, and that no joint venture or partnership is intended to take place by either party.
  • The date of commencement of services will be discussed before the project, and we assure you to provide the service on a set date without any delay. (date will be agreed by both sides)
  • Fixed Charges will be made as per the services provided. If it's a bulk project and requires long term business, our company can negotiate on budget.
  • Either party cannot cancel or fully transfer the responsibility to any other vendor without any intimation. A prior intimation of at least 15 business days is of utmost essential.
  • A person who is not dealing with our company is not allowed to claim any right under connection with us.


  • If the client avails monthly services, then he is obliged to pay a chargeable amount prior to the work commencement.
  • If the client agreed on a fixed quote, then he has to pay 50% of the charges, before the commencement of work. The remaining half you have to pay within the 15 days of the start of the service. If more services are added while doing the project, the date will be extended for further services, and the amount will be added.
  • We shall invoice advance monthly charges.
  • Also, if the client does not pay charges for the services, we have the authority to terminate the project immediately. We are not liable to pay any intimation.

Client's Rights

  • In case there is a fault from our side, we reserve the right to correct any error, omissions, or inaccuracies, changing, or updating as per the requirement. We are ready to serve you at your convenience to rectify the error.
  • We promise to provide you 100% transparency. You can look into the on-going campaign progress and free to give your suggestions and ideas.
  • Our company assures you to offer quality services on the set date you are expecting without making any delays. We are true to our commitments.
  • Also, we are 24*7 available for our clients. You can call us anytime, anywhere

Excusable Delays

Our company is not liable to answer any damage cause related to delay or inability to perform, which is beyond our control. The client has the right to terminate the project if the delay lasts more than 30 days from our side


If, at any time, we fail to insist upon our mentioned terms and conditions, then it is automatically free of you from any form of the obligations and will not be considered a waiver. A waiver will only be considered valid if it is given in a written document.

Sugar Brown reserves the sole right to amend or modify the above-mentioned terms and conditions at any moment of an on-going project or campaign. However, the prior intimation of changes will be shared with clients via email. If you still have any queries from us, you can write to us!

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