Web and Mobile App Services

When you decide to build a mobile app or web page, there are several decisions you have to take from features to the overall design of your app. No matter if you are going for a web app or mobile app, there is dire need to hire professionals and experienced developers WHO WE AREll-versed in their field. Sugar Brown is one of the best agencies that offer you the benefit of quality and timely web and mobile app development services.

Web App Development

Our goal is to create and deploy web applications that can scale your business rapidly. Our developed apps are supported on Linux and Windows platforms offering the advantage of built-in auto scale and load balancing. Other features are as follows:

  • High availability with auto-patching
  • Supports Umbraco, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!
  • Continuous deployment with Team Foundation Server, Git, DevOps, and GitHub

Jumpstart with App Building

If you want to reach your audience, get web apps in the user’s hands faster by using Java, PHP, .NET, .NET Core, Linux, etc. On using a fully-managed platform, you can perform server and load balancing, capacity provisioning, OS patching.

Get Actionable Analytics & Insights

Improve your business whilst viewing application health and performance end to end. The azure monitor gives you detailed views of resource usage. However, Application insights provide you a deeper view of the applications throughput, memory and CPU utilization, response times, error trends

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are designed specifically for operating systems & leveraging the functionality to enrich with unique capabilities. But, if you see mobile apps are more expensive as compared to web pages, especially when you need its availability on both iOS and Android. Our company understands your requirements and budget, hence offer you quality services without burning a hole in your pocket.

Excellent Usability

Let your mobile app delight users with an unbeatable experience. We check out every single thing from easy onboarding to intuitive navigation

Rich Features

Give your users whatever they are looking for or expecting from the app. From seamless authentication to video conferencing, in-app payments to social media sharing, our developed apps work successfully on the device

Top Performance

We promise to build smooth, easy, blazing-fast mobile apps optimized by using minimum resource consumption. We assure you to provide you with highly performant backing to handle numbers of users with ease

Robust Security

Your app can win the heart of your users if it has rock-solid security. We offer secure mobile apps with frictionless mobile experience working upon two-step verification, biometric verification, data encryption, risk analysis, and so forth.

On Any Screen

We deliver a consistent mobile experience without compromising the feel and look. No matter whether you are using an android phone or iPhone, you will be able to get a fully responsive app without any technical glitch, which ultimately raises the better commercial opportunities.

Why Hire Us?

Our data-driven, result-oriented approach is designed specifically to increase your conversion rate with an impeccable fast and responsive mobile app. We boast of our dedication, quick turnaround time, progress transparency, and quality assurance throughout the development process. In short, we are the best in the market who will never let you down in any situation. So, why have second thoughts? Get your quotes today only. Our team is waiting for you!